Leo Justi at Dia Da Rua 2014 (beach party in Rio)

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Waxploitation Records enters its 18th year this year. Imagine that. From Strictly Ballroom (1996) to Josh Wink and King Britt to Tweaker and Teargas & Plateglass to Tha Alkaholiks to Danger Mouse and The Grey Album and Dangerdoom and Gnarls Barkley and Broken Bells to Tobacco and Black Moth Super Rainbow to Pepper Rabbit and Deep Time and Natalia Clavier. And now, La Yegros and Leo Justi (2014)!

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woo hoo! New signing to Waxploitation.

NEW video!  La Yegros - "Trocitos de Madera"

Leo Justi - "Gaitero" (Official HD Version)


Catch the premiere of El Remolón "La Vibra" featuring Miss Bolivia on the next episode of Bones (Fox, November 2013).

From the new "Dagger Beach" album, it's John Vanderslice - "How The West Was Won"

We have two songs in the upcoming Ben Affleck + Justin Timberlake film "Runner Runner".   One by Natalia Clavier  and one by Mati Zundel.  Go team.

adidas Originals x Leo Justi

KCRW - Today's Top Tune features "Adios!" (listen)  + (watch the new video)

MTV IGGY premiere's ZZK Sound Volume 3. (read the article)

SPIN: Forget what you think you know about "baile funk" and discover the future sound of Brazil (read the article)

NPR Alt-Latino: From California To Cuba, New Loves And Legends (read the article)

Debut video from Waxploitation Artists / ZZK Records artist LA YEGROS for the song "Viene de Mi". Directed by Flamboyant Paradise

M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls" (Leo Justi remix) plays in the background of this Beck's Beer commercial.

Waxploitation Artists is now the proud publisher for the Sub Pop Records / Hardly Art band Deep Time.

Teargas & Plateglass + David Hykes - "Plague Burial" (Deluxe HD Edition)

Sub Pop has tapped Chancha Via Circuito for an exclusive song for Sub Pop 1000, the highly anticipated compilation from the legendary label. Chancha is contributing the song “Lacandona” to the album, which comes in a strictly limited edition vinyl pressing of 5,000 with a fat booklet and cover art by Nathan Fox.

Frikstailers (Waxploitation/ZZK) "Guacha" makes NPR's Fresh Flavors List! (see the list)

SPIN  reviews Mati Zundel 's new album Amazonico Gravitante  (read the review).


NPR  gives a first listen to Mati Zundel 's new album Amazonico Gravitante  (read the article).

Tremor - "Caracol" (Chancha via Circuito remix) in this iRobot commercial.

Matthew Dear, Diplo on Causes 2  XLR8R - Google Chrome_2013-04-09_02-41-05.png

XLR8R  talks about Causes 2 , the new benefit compilation that features rare and exclusive tracks in the interest of aid for Darfur: "

DANGERDOOM release Mouse & the Mask, inspired by Danger Mouse and MF DOOM's love of Adult Swim. 

Broken Bells re-release Meyrin Fields. The latest release of their first EP features previously unreleased tracks.

Two Teargas & Plateglass songs were used for trailers for the movie X-Men: The Last Stand.

Tobacco's new video for Berries That Burn from the album Fucked Up Friends .

Tobacco's new video for Side8 from the album Fucked Up Friends .

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul (video)

Gnarls Barkely's  video for his hit single ('Who's Gonna Save My Soul")  was directed by Chris Milk and stars Friday Night Lights  star Aasha Davis and Saturday Night Live  writer and Lonely Island  member Jorma Taccone. Cameos include Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse.

Listen for La Yegros "El Bendito" in the new EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game!


Make sure to listen for Chancha Via Circuito "Zorzal" in Episode 6 of Looking (HBO, Feb. 2014)


Screenshot of La Yegros, in the video for "Trocitos de Madera" (watch)


Red Bull PanamériKa explains the video concept for LA YEGROS - "Trocitos de Madera" (read the article)

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Remezcla includes La Yegros "Viene de Mi" in their list for Top 20 Music Videos of 2013. (read the article)

Leo Justi, featured artist/DJ at the YouTube Music Awards (Brazil broadcast, produced by VICE)

Jose Larralde - "Quimey Neuquén (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)" on Breaking Bad.  *Final season, Aug. 2013

La Yegros ("Viene de Mi") used in the new advertising campaign for Holcim.  Agency: Circus

Behind the Scenes: La Yegros "Viene de Mi"


Mati Zundel x Sons of Anarchy (Season 6, October 2013)

Pepper Rabbit - "Harvest Moon"

TREMOR in the studio talking about the new single "Huella," featuring Micaela Chauque.

La Yegros invades Europe. Part one.

Paloma, written and directed by Julia Stiles, features Natalia Clavier's "Lumen" 

XLR8R unveils the first single from ZZK Sound Vol 3, "Omeprazol," a bouncy tune from Argentinian duo Frikstailers. (read the article)

NPR Alt-Latino: 6 New Latin Songs To Make You Move (read the article)

Pitchfork presents: Deep Time "Gold Rush" video

ZZK Volume 3!   (Waxploitation Records / ZZK Records)

DJ Green Lantern features Waxploitation's own Leo Justi on his 30min mix for Skrillex, Diplo, and A-Trak's new YouTube channel "POTATOwillEATyou" (listen)

Video still for Natalia Clavier's "Trouble" video! (watch it

Frikstailers - "Knipsuppe" in Kmart ("Dream Pool") TV commercial.

Various Artists — Future Sounds of Buenos Aires  MTV IGGY - Google Chrome_2013-04-09_02-41-26.png

MTV Iggy  gives their take on Future Sounds of Buenos Aires , calling it, "...a 101 class in the electro-roots revolution that has been simmering in Buenos Aires over the last four years...if you are new to the party, then drink up my friend, for the nectar is sweet." (read the article)


NPR writes about Mati Zundel 's song "Aero Tinku"  from ZZK Records (read the article).

Causes  2  is the new album in Waxploitation's ongoing album series to benefit Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and Oxfam America (featured in XLR8R).


NPR  writes about Broken Bells , the collaboration of The Shins' frontman James Mercer and Danger Mouse (read the article).

Tobacco's new video for Little Pink Riding Hood from the album Fucked Up Friends .

Tobacco's new video for Backwoods Altar from the album Fucked Up Friends .

Powerhouse so ul duo Gnarls Barkley release their second album,  St. Elsewhere

Various Artists Causes 1  Album Reviews  Pitchfork - Google Chrome_2013-04-09_02-07-58.png

Pitchfork reviews Causes 1  , Waxploitation's compilation of exclusive tracks whose proceeds go entirely to aid organizations working to curb hunger, improve human rights, and provide medical assistance to Darfur (read the review).

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse release Dark Night of the Soul.

Causes 1 brings together musicians and a desire to effect change through music. Proceeds from the sales of this new series go directly to vital non-profit organizations working in Darfur.

"I'm Not An Animal" by The Blind Shake will be featured in the new Xbox One game Sunset Overdrive.  (October 2104) 

Leo Justi at VL14. S/O to Vive Latino, Doritos, and Vans for showing love.

Vive Latino 2014 promo. #LeoJusti #ChanchaViaCircuito #Frikstailers

Leo Justi, Chancha Via Circuito, and Frikstailers will all be performing at Vive Latino 2014!

The making of Tremor "Proa" (mini-documentary)


Waxploitation Records had THREE songs in the October 13, 2013 episode of Homeland.  Two by Mati Zundel and one by Leo Justi

USA Today premiere: Natalia Clavier - "Cantata"


Coming soon. 

Noisey presents: Leo Justi - "O Homem Mau (Sniper Queen)"


Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK/Waxploitation) x Breaking Bad (Season 5, Aug. 2013)

TREMOR ft. Micaela Chauque - "Huella." With remixes by FRIKSTAILERS + Chancha Via Circuito! (listen/buy)  

Oxfam America’s “Oxfam Summer Jams 2013” Mixtape Features Wilco, Ra Ra Riot, La Yegros, Leo Justi, + more! (listen)

The Boston Globe recommends you to take "Lumen" to the beach this summer. (read the article).  In stores worldwide! (listen

Paris welcomes La Yegros

The Guardian calls La Yegros "Queen of the scene" (read the article)

Natalia Clavier does an acoustic version of "Nada" and interview with ABC / Univision! (watch it)

Watch the video for "Clouds," by Deep Time

The Rio Times: New Music Sounds in Rio de Janeiro (read the article)


La Yegros' debut album "Viene de Mi" out soon.


Future Sounds of Buenos Aires (listen

Check out the video for Tremor's "Malambo" from the album "Future Sounds of Buenos Aires".  Directed by Elliot Sellers.

Teargas & Plateglass - "a uniquely hostile place" was used in the Steven Spielberg produced television show The United States of Tara (Showtime).


Remezcla Musica  posted a Q&A interview with ZZK's Mati Zundel  (read the interview).


ZZK  and Waxploitation  team up to bring a fresh Buenos Aires sound to a wider audience (listen to their first mixtape).

Teargas & Plateglass - "Plague Burial" was used in the trailer for the movie Beowulf.


 Danger Mouse and Danielle Luppi Present Rome : the collaborative project, inspired by a deep love of spaghetti westerns, brings together musicians like Jack White and Norah Jones to create something wholly unique.


Pitchfork gives a listen to  Black Moth Super Rainbow 's  latest album Dandelion Gum  (read the review).

Tobacco's new video for Hawker Boat from the album Fucked Up Friends .

Black Moth Super Rainbow has a new video out for "Sun Lips", from their new album Dandelion Gum , directed by Matt Dilmore. .

Gnarls Barkley debut with St. Elsewhere , featuring the talents of Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo Green.